All orthodontic practitioners know that when the braces come off, the job is not yet complete. At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we develop retention appliances that help maintain perfect smiles and healthy mouths.

Dental Lab Team

Retention Appliances

The last thing that anyone wants to deal with after an orthodontic process is to have their teeth revert back to where they were before undergoing the process. After a patient has had work done on their teeth, they need trustworthy orthodontic appliances to maintain their new smile.

The technicians at Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio have been developing retention appliances for over 25 years now. Using the latest technology in our lab, we are able to design orthodontic solutions that ensure your patients will never lose their perfect smile.

Retention Appliances for Post-Treatment

  • 3×3 Braided Wire
  • Essix
  • Hawley
  • Tremont Hawley
  • Wrap Around Hawley