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Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio is an orthodontic lab that provides dentists and orthodontists in Edmonton. We use innovative technology to design and create dental appliances that perfectly suit your patient’s needs.

Our dental lab accepts digital scans. Send us a scan from your patient and we’ll craft an appliance perfectly tailored to your patient’s needs. Call us today at (416) 848-6662 to get started.

orthodontic lab in edmonton

Reliable Service For Dentists And Orthodontists In Edmonton

You may be wondering how an orthodontic lab in Ontario can help a dentist or orthodontist in Edmonton. Our dental lab accepts digital scans from a number of different scanners. All you have to do is scan the mouth of your patient and send that scan to us without having to create a mould and then shipping that to us. We make it easy for dentists and orthodontists in Edmonton to get their hands on the best appliances for their patients, so get in touch with us for a company that offers:

✓ Latest 3D modelling technology
✓ Canadian Made Dental Appliances
✓ Fast processing
✓ Fast delivery to Edmonton, AB
✓ No hidden fees or additional costs
✓ Multiple colours and designs
✓ Dental appliances for any age group
✓ State-of-the-art equipment
✓ Quick turnaround times
✓ Rigorous quality control
✓ Affordable pricing


creative orthodontic laboratory in edmonton

Advanced Digital Dental Lab in Edmonton

We are a full-service orthodontics lab, which means we can satisfy any need. Whether you need retainers, night guards, study models, or digital liners, you can trust us to fulfill your order. With the innovative tools and devices in our orthodontic lab, we can provide you with precise appliances that are perfectly tailored to your patient’s mouth.

Make sure patients coming to our orthodontic or dental office in Edmonton receive the best products available by getting our dental lab to provide you with high-quality orthodontic/dental appliances. Here are the processes we use to ensure our lab manufactures the best products for our clients:

✓ 3D scanning and printing
✓ Digital brackets placement
✓ Digital teeth replacement technology
✓ Digital archiving
✓ Indirect bonding

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Canadian Made Dental Appliances

The digital dentistry revolution is here and it is producing high-quality appliances for patients everywhere. When your clinic in Edmonton teams up with our orthodontic lab, you will have access to cutting edge technology that makes it easier for you to provide your patients with life changing appliances.

Here at our orthodontic lab, we can produce appliances for a number of different applications, including:

Or simply ask your local dentist or orthodontist in Edmonton for more information!


Our orthodontic lab aims to create reliable and flexible orthodontic appliances so that no matter what the patient's issue is, we can design an orthodontic appliance solution that's right for them.

There are some patients who will need to adjust one anterior tooth, others who will need to fix two, and others who will need to have all of their anterior teeth adjusted. Whether you are looking for spring retainers or aligners, we can tailor our alignment appliances to fit the needs of your patient. Once we have the patient's model, we can make an appliance that is tailored to their needs.


The loss of all of a person's teeth can occur for a number of reasons. When that happens, orthodontic appliances can be used to give the person the gift of a beautiful smile. Through our range of innovative aesthetic orthodontic appliances, we have been helping our clients give their patients a new smile for many years.

To provide people with an award-winning smile and help them maintain it for a long time, we have created dependable pedo partials, flippers and bleaching trays with the technology at our dental laboratory. Our orthodontic appliances can also be used for alignment, development, space maintenance, slint, retention, and more.


People's teeth often require a great deal of modification, as orthodontists and dentists have encountered many times in their professional careers. It is often the case that people’s teeth are not properly aligned, which means that people need orthodontic appliances that are durable and strong enough to move their teeth into the right position.

By utilizing our innovative technology, we can design dental appliances that destabilize, advance or expand a patient's teeth or jaw.


In most cases, an orthodontic appliance is needed to assist with the development of teeth and the jaw. At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, our team combines the latest technology with our experience to create functional appliances that improve patients' quality of life.

The innovative and creative functional appliances from our laboratory are frequently called upon by dentists and orthodontists who need to help their patients' teeth erupt so that their dental arches can develop.


While we are sleeping, we do numerous involuntary activities, and one of them is grinding our teeth. Tooth grinding can seriously deteriorate the overall health of our teeth, which is why a creative solution is needed to help alleviate that impact.

Various mouthguards that we offer at Creative designs Orthodontic Studio protect people's teeth. These mouth guards are custom-made to fit any jaw and are available in a variety of colours for people who want to customize their splint.


Some people adopt bad habits that can interfere with the natural and healthy development of their teeth and mouths. These include lip biting, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting. Because these habits tend to be involuntary, we need a creative orthodontic solution in order to mitigate their impact.

To protect your patient's teeth, our laboratory uses the latest technology to develop habit appliances to stop things like lip biting, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting.


For dental professionals, creating a detailed model of a patient's teeth can help them chart a path forward for correcting any issues in the patient's mouth. Without a model, this would be impossible.

In our laboratory, we are able to build accurate and detailed models using our instrument due to the innovative technology we have available. In order to develop orthodontic solutions that improve patients' lives, our clients can use these models as a starting point.


After an orthodontic procedure, the last thing anyone wants is for their teeth to revert back to their original state. It is important for patients to maintain their new smile after they have had work done on their teeth with trustworthy orthodontic appliances.

With over 25 years of experience in designing retention appliances, Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio is able to offer my patients a solution that ensures they will never lose their perfect smile.

Space Maintenance

By maintaining the space between teeth, a person can avoid teeth getting in the way of other teeth as they attempt to erupt. If it is not addressed now, a person may face problems down the road.

Space maintenance appliances such as band loops, lingual arches, nances, space regainers, and transpalatal arches are produced by the Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio to help our clients prevent unnecessary dental problems.


The last thing anyone wants in their house is to be the loud snorer who keeps everyone awake all night. In spite of the fact that most people can't do much on their own, we use advanced technology to design therapy orthodontic appliances that allow people to sleep comfortably and not snore excessively.

Our lab fabricates ozone trays, snore guards, and various sleep apnea therapy appliances that are discreet and can fit into anyone's lifestyle. Our therapy appliances can improve the quality of sleep for any patient.


As a result, when designing orthodontic appliances for people, it is imperative that the lab is a laboratory that our clients can trust to create an appliance that is customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

With over 25 years of orthodontic appliance development experience, Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio is fully capable of customizing your appliances according to your specifications. We can accommodate any need your patient may have, whether it's more retention, acrylic, screws, or wires.

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