Space Maintenance

Sometimes, teeth that have not yet erupted need space to grow into their new environment. Our lab develops a number of solutions that help new teeth erupt naturally without any obstacles getting in the way.

Dental Lab Team

Space Maintenance Appliances

Space maintenance is important for avoiding teeth getting in the way of other teeth attempting to erupt and take their natural place in a person’s mouth. If this issue is not dealt with, a person can end up dealing with issues somewhere down the road.

The Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio develops space maintenance appliances like band loops, lingual arches, nances, space regainers, and transpalatal arches for our clients so that they can help their patients avoid unwanted dental problems.

Our Innovative Space Maintenance Appliances

  • Band Loop
  • Lingual Arch
  • Nance
  • Space Regainer
  • Tranpalatal Arch