Orthodontic Appliances For Aesthetics

When people need to replace missing teeth, they turn to various aesthetic orthodontic appliances. At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we use the latest technology to create attractive and functional aesthetic appliances that give people their smile back.

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Advanced Aesthetic Appliances

There are a number of reason that would lead to someone losing all of their teeth. When that happens, they need orthodontic appliances that can give them the gift of a beautiful smile. We have been helping our clients provide their patients with a new smile for many years now thanks to our range of innovative aesthetic orthodontic appliances.

With the technology at our dental lab, we have created dependable pedo partials, flippers and bleaching trays to provide people with an award-winning smile and help them maintain that smile for many years. We also craft orthodontic appliances for alignment, development, space maintenance, slint, retention, etc.

Image depicts a computer with a digital scan of a patient's teeth.

Send Us Your Scans For Aesthetic Appliances

Our digital dental lab is ready to accept scans for your aesthetic appliance needs. We use advanced technology and processes to make the whole process easy and stress-free for your and your patients. You only have to send us scans of your patient’s teeth/mouth and we will craft an appliance your patient needs to get the perfect smile. Here are the types of scans that our lab can accept:

✔ 3shape

✔ iTero

✔ Medit

✔ Easy Rx

✔ Any STL file

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Aesthetic Appliances for Creating Beautiful Smiles

  • Bleaching Tray
  • Pedo Partial

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