Orthodontic lab Kitchener

Here at Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we service orthodontists and dentists in Kitchener to get them the reliable and durable dental appliances that their patient’s need. We use only the most advanced technology to design precise appliances, and we ship our products across Canada and the US.

We accept digital scans. Send us your patient’s scan and we’ll craft an appliance perfectly tailored to your patient’s needs. Call us today at (416) 848-6662 to get started.

digital orthodontic lab Kitchener

Helping Improve Your Patients’ Lives

Dentists and orthodontists don’t only come to us because we produce high-quality appliances. They come to us because we accept digital scans from a number of different scanners. This makes it easy for any dental practitioner anywhere to get access to our premium dental appliances. Here is what you can get when you use our lab:

✓ Latest 3D modelling technology
✓ Canada wide service via digital scans
✓ Fast processing
✓ Fast delivery
✓ No hidden fees or additional costs
✓ Multiple colours and designs
✓ Dental appliances for any age group
✓ State-of-the-art equipment
✓ Quick turnaround times
✓ Rigorous quality control
✓ Affordable pricing


orthodontic lab Kitchener

Pushing The Envelope

We make the very best dental appliances because of our commitment to digital dentistry and our pursuit of technologies and processes that help us produce better appliances. Whether we have to design a retainer, aligner or night guard, you can bet that our people using our advanced instruments will create an appliance that is made to your precise specifications.

You want the best for your patients, and we want the best for our clients. This is why our lab is perfect for you. We use modern and innovative processes like:

✓ 3D scanning and printing
✓ Digital brackets placement
✓ Digital teeth replacement technology
✓ Digital archiving
✓ Indirect bonding

Kitchener digital orthodontic lab

Appliances for Kitchener Orthodontists and Dentists

We create dental appliances for patients of all ages. The only question we have is: what do they need? Our orthodontic laboratory can design many different appliances for many different purposes. Additionally, we also offer customization options for patients who want to add some flair to their appliance. Here are some of uses for our appliances:

  • Alignment 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Space maintenance
  • Retention
  • Development
  • And much more!

Get in touch with us?

If you need additional information or if you have any additional questions, send us a message and our team will get in touch with you. You can also view our additional resources to learn more about our pricing and our services.