Digital Dentistry

Welcome to digital orthodontics. The digital revolution is here, and Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio is at the forefront of it all. Our innovative software paves the way for convenient services that deliver reliable, high-quality products to dental professionals across Canada.

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Digital Services

We have an experienced team of dental computer-aided design (or CAD) technicians. Our 3D Printing/CAD department only works with the latest technology available in the industry, allowing us to deliver high-quality products with faster turnaround times. This technology includes:
– Digital Scanning and Printing
– Digital Study Models and Archiving
–  Secret Smile Clear Aligners
– Indirect bonding that is digitally placed
– Night guards printed with high accuracy
– Surgical Guides

We always invite you to visit our digital dental lab to get an understanding of this technology and see it in action. We can ship the products to you anywhere across Canada. We have customers from Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Kitchener, and other Canadian cities.

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The Transition to Digital Dentistry

We understand if doctors and staff are a bit overwhelmed by all of the new digital dentistry advancements we are talking about. With digital dentistry comes new concepts to grasp and costs to consider; but the benefits are seemingly endless and well worth the investment. We are here to help answer any of your questions and show you how this can benefit your practice.

We invite any doctor or staff member interested in learning about our products to visit our dental lab. If you wish to contact us because you have questions, you can get in contact with Jim by calling him at 416-848-6662 or by emailing him at [email protected].

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Digital Study Models

It’s time to streamline your study models by moving all your models to the digital world today. There’s nothing that has to change on your end. All you have to do is either send us impressions, which we will scan and convert to digital models; or you can forward us your patient scans so we can convert either process to ABO-standard digital study models for you to view on your computer using ORTHOVIEWER from 3Shape. Benefits include:
– A free storage solution to your plaster models
– Better accuracy with one of the best orthodontic software programs in the industry
– Digital models can be printed at any time for you convenience
– Faster turnaround times – Results in HOURS not days.

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Indirect Bonding

Indirect bonding will increase your precision through digital bracket placement and a bracket transfer tray.

As many dentists and orthodontists know, chair time is valuable. By switching to a digital workflow, indirect bracketing will allow you to see more patients throughout the day because you will be able to apply braces in half the time it would take you without indirect bonding. Our software is integrated with 550-plus bracket libraries and arch forms from over 25 vendors. This method is by far the most comfortable process for any patient.

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Digital Archiving

Enjoy a new way to archive all your study models and save on office space. By digitally scanning and archiving all your old plaster study models, you will have instant access to all your patient records by integrating them into your patient management software. If ever needed, we can print a digital model into a physical model at any time. This is all done in three easy steps:

1) We pick up all your models for free

2) Each set of models are scanned into our software to create a precise 3D representation of the original model

3) The digital files are sent through a link or thumb drive for you to access or view with ORTHOVIEWER. Call us for bulk pricing.

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3D Printing and Scanning

At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we are excited to take the next step in dentistry and offer the digital dentistry solutions of the future, which includes 3D printing and scanning. With the technology in our lab, we are able to take any scan or physical impression and turn it into a 3D printed model.

All you need to do is send a scan to us, which is as easy as sending an email. Once we receive your scan, we can also take your physical impression and scan it into your system. Our technology is able to develop high-quality resin models for any application. This is just another part of our robust suite of digital dentistry services that are here to provide our clients with the best fixed and removable orthodontic appliances.

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