Our team is always looking for ways to help patients, which is why we develop various sleep apnea therapy appliances. It is our goal to design orthodontic appliances that make people comfortable and improve their quality of life.

Dental Lab Team

Therapy Orthodontic Appliances

No one wants to be the loud snorer in their house that keeps everyone awake all night. Although there isn’t much a person can do on their own, we use our advanced technology to develop therapy orthodontic appliances to help people sleep comfortably without worrying about snoring loudly.

At our lab, we design ozone trays, snore guards and various sleep apnea therapy appliances that are unobtrusive and can seamlessly fit into anyone’s life. Our therapy appliances can help any patient sleep more peacefully.

Sleep Apnea Therapy Appliances

  • Ozone Tray
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Snoring Appliance