At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we have the ideal alignment appliances that make teeth look their best. For the past 25 years, we have developed orthodontic appliances that our clients have used to change lives.

Dental Lab Team

Reliable Alignment Appliances

In our orthodontic lab, we aim to create orthodontic appliances that are reliable and flexible. No matter what issue our client’s patient is dealing with, we can design a solution that is right for them.

When it comes to anterior teeth, some patients will need to adjust one, another will need to fix two, and another will need to work done on all of their anterior teeth. Our alignment appliances, from our spring retainers to aligners, can be tailored to any issue a patient is dealing with. Once we have the model for the patient’s teeth, we can create an appliance that is perfect for their situation.

Alignment Appliances for Anterior Teeth

  • Anterior Spring Retainer
  • Auto Hawley
  • Spring Retainer