Sometimes our teeth need a shield to maintain their health. The technicians at Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio have been developing advanced splint appliances to guard patients' from outside factors for many years now.

Dental Lab Team

Splint Appliances That Keep Smiles Safe

There are many involuntary things we do while we sleep, and grinding our teeth is one of those things. Tooth grinding can seriously deteriorate the overall health of our teeth, which is why people need a creative solution to help alleviate the impact of tooth grinding.

At Creative designs Orthodontic Studio, we have a whole suite of splint appliances that help protect people’s teeth. Our mouth guards can be perfectly fitted to any jaw and can come in a variety of colours for people who want to customize their splint.

Variety of Splint Appliances

  • Dual Laminate Splint
  • Gelb Splint
  • Mouthguard
  • Night Guard
  • Thermoplastic Splint