Hawley Retainers

At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we carry a wide range of hawley appliances to help orthodontists and dentists select the right orthodontic devices for their patients.

Hawley Retainer

Retention Orthodontic Appliances

A Hawley retainer is used to maintain alignment of the front teeth after braces are removed. It has an acrylic plate designed to fit comfortably on the lingual walls or palate of the mouth while the wire wraps around the teeth and helps them to maintain their position.

At Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, we develop professional retention orthodontic devices including hawley retainer, 3×3 lingual wire and clear bow appliance. We also carry other devices for alignment, space maintenance, functional, or development purposes. Please feel free to explore our website to find the right device for your clinic’s needs. 

hawley retainer retention orthodontic appliances

The Best Hawley Appliances For Your Patients

Here at Creative Designs Orthodontic Studio, all of our orthodontic appliances are locally made in Georgetown, Canada. You can trust us to design and make the perfect hawley retainers you need for your patients. Simply send us a scan of your patient’s mouth, we will deliver the best product for you. Here is a list of the types of scans our digital dental lab accepts:

✔ 3shape
✔ iTero
✔ Medit
✔ Easy Rx
✔ Any STL file

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Other Innovative Retention Appliances for Beautiful Smiles

3x3 Lingual Wire
Clear Bow Appliance

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